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  The Caper Cat Specifications
- Mast top float
- Insulated ice box
- Plastic covered stays
- Full width roller traveller

Note: Safety equipment should be carried in compliance with statuary authority requirements.
Special features:1. Storage space is sufficient to hold 4 sleeping bags, a 4 man tent, porta-gas stove and light, 4 gallons of water and food for 4 adults for 4 days, with space to spare.
2. All sharp projections eliminated to prevent injury in rough conditions, as illustrated by the streamlined tiller coupling
3. Alloy keel strip prevents wear when beaching. This is one of the many refinements incorporated in the Caper Cat 14.

Caper Cat 14 Layout of controls for the mainsail, jib and rudders is simple and includes all the go-fast gear listed below, but does not restrict the trampoline area or the access to the storage compartments. As a cruising boat, the Caper Cat 14 is fast, safe and comfortable.

Performance of the Caper Cat 14 is spray spurting with no vices. The specially designed hulls eliminate the need for centre boards or deep rudders and also prevent nose dives, thus taking the anxiety out of fast rough weather sailing. Caper Cat 14 is at home in the roughest surfing conditions or just lazing along at your leisure on a carefree cruise.

Construction of hulls is fibreglass reinforced plastic, strengthened internally by bulk heads which form the walls of the storage compartments adding tremendous strength for light weight. Rudders, mast and trampoline frame are marine alloy. Rigging and fittings are stainless steel. Hatch covers are watertight and lockable. Caper Cat 14 is available in a variety of modern colours.Safety is ensured with a sealed mast together with the addition of a mast top float, two compartments and polyurethane foam buoyancy in each hull. Displacement supports six adults or four adults and full camping gear.


Length 14 ft.
Width 7 ft. 6 ins.
Weight 245 lbs.
Mast Height 22 ft
Boom Length 8 ft
Main Sail Area 107 sq. ft
Jib 36 sq. ft.
Storage Space 18 c. ft.
Draft 9ins

Optional Extras
- Trapeze
- Galvanised Trailer
- Tiller Extension
- Splash Canopy
- Outboard Attachment (Max. 5 H.P)

Footnote for the enthusiast

Sail-fast gear includes: Dolphin striker under rotating mast with rake adjustment, mast-top halyard lock, diamond spreader, adjustable foot straps, fixed foot mainsail with fibreglass full battens, down haul and out haul controls, 4-1 main sheet on full width traveller.